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Hainan Island is located in the South China Sea of China. Hainan Island is located in the tropical and subtropical area. It’s like spring all the year round, the sunshine is sufficient. There are very abundant tourist resources. The characteristic tourist resources include: Tropical seashore, national customs, hot spring, culture historic site, rare animals and plants, etc. The coastline of Hainan Island is long, the bay is numerous. There are mostly high-quality sandy beaches on the seashore. The forest coverage rate of the whole island is up to 40%. The sky and sea is pure blue; the air is very fresh.


Yalong Bay

Yalong Bay is the southeast of Sanya. Yalong Bay climate is pleasant, can go to a winter resort, can relieve summer heat, the natural scenery is graceful: The green hill is undulate, the azure sea water is limpid like the mirror, the soft sandy beach is pure white like silver. Yalong Bay belongs to typical tropical marine climate, the average temperature of the whole year is 25 degree. The length of beach is 3 times of Hawaii. The coral reef is intact in seafloor. There are numerous color tropical fishes among them. Yalong Bay is the famous dive scenic spot. It is a good place to climb precipice too.


Culture Tourist Zone of South Mountain

Culture Tourist Zone of South Mountain divides for three theme parks: Buddhism Cultural Park of South Mountain, It is a park that shows China’s Buddhism traditional culture, rich in the implied meaning of the deep philosophic theory. The main building includes South Mountain Temple, statue of Buddha of Goddess of Mercy in the South China Sea, Ten Directions Towers and vegetarian shopping street etc; The Luck Longevity Cultural Park of China, shows Chinese culture’s quintessence, display the peace, peacefulness, happiness, happy and auspicious atmosphere. The Custom Cultural Park of the South China Sea, is a scenic spot where glamour is unique. It shows custom of the Li nationality and the Miao nationality.


Vacation Beach

Vacation Beach lies in the west of Haikou. There are holiday village, hotel, amusement park, etc. The sunshine, sea water, sandy beach and coconut tree form a beautiful natural picture. There are music fountain square, bathing beach, play water paradise, the drink center, ecological square, children’s activity center, etc. in Vacation Beach.

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The Three Gorges of the Yangtze River Tourist Attraction Wed, 22 Sep 2010 22:23:32 +0000 the-three-gorges-of-the-yangtze-river-tourist-attraction

The Yangtze River originates from the glacier in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, shed untiring from west to east, have nourished millennium culture of China. Yangtze River Gorges, the different peaks of two sides are protruding, the river flows rapidly. The Qutang Gorge is high, the peaks of two sides are green and towering, the middle of the river wave flows urgently. Wu Gorge is pretty, 12 peaks goddess pretty shadow guide people to be charmed. The Xiling Gorge is dangerous, the river pours down. There are huge peak, dangerous beach, strange cave and deep gully. The water, spring, forest and cave set each other into a picture, and become one poem. The beautiful elegance that the waterway between mountains can be saw in the Yangtze River, has left expression in traveler’s eyes!


The Qutang Gorge of the Yangtze River

The Qutang Gorge is from Chongqing in the west, is about 8000 meters long, is the shortest gorge in Yangtze River Gorges, known as “grand”. The Qutang Gorge river is narrow, the river is only over one hundred meters wide, the narrowest place is only dozens of meters, the cliffs of two sides are very near, increase the grand air somewhat. The scenery is plenty for traveler’s eyes in the the Qutang Gorge, such as powder wall, good ladder, phoenix spring, rhinoceros month peak, ancient road and bellows gorge, etc. The past dynasties stone inscription emerges in an endless river, just like flowing artistic exhibition.


The Wu Gorge of the Yangtze River

The Wu Gorge is from Wushan county of Chongqing in the west. The Wu Gorge is long and full of twists. The scenery is quiet and beautiful very much, as beautiful mountains and river gallery. The Wu Gorge is famous for deep, serene and beautiful. The whole Wu Gorge is full of grotesque peaks and rocks. The cliff is continuous, full of poetic and pictorial splendor. The imposing peaks compete in beauty here, the cloud and mist curls up, the posture is multifarious, make people’s spirit speed. The graceful stone pillar is similar to the slim young girl in Goddess Peak; the Scissor Peak is like the scissor inserting the sky.


The Xiling Gorge of the Yangtze River

The Xiling Gorge lies in Yichang of Hubei Province. It is the longest gorge in the Yangtze River Gorges. The peaks of two sides are steepness and uprightness. From west to east is more and more low, extremely rich aesthetic feeling; the river flows urgently in the gorge, pour down turbulently, rather grand. There are numerous small stream, clear spring, strange stone and deep cave here, nearly all link with celebrity, has left the eternal famous historical sites from mouth to mouth. Travelers are intoxicated in the beautiful scenery.

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Mount Everest Tourist Attraction Sat, 21 Aug 2010 22:40:41 +0000 mount-everest-tourist-attraction

Mount Everest is located in Xizang (Tibet) Autonomous Region of China. It is the highest peak in The Himalaya, 8848 meters above the sea level, it is the highest peak on the earth. Mount Everest looks like huge Pyramid, full of power and grandeur. The topography is extremely dangerously, the environment is unusually complicated.

Mount Everest flag cloud posture is multifarious, look like flag that flutter in the breeze sometimes, sometimes like great wave; Turn into the slender and graceful smoke sometimes. Because the change of the flag cloud can reflect the change that the high air flows, Mount Everest flag cloud is known as “The supreme vane in the world”.

There is the most sufficient and intact glacier shape in the world in the broad areas of Mount Everest 5300 meter to 6300 meter. The hang rock likes the ancient castle; the weathered rock forms the tall stone pillar, stalagmite, stone sword, stone tower… Here is praised as the biggest “The park on the high mountain” in the world by explorers.

The climate of Mount Everest is complicated and changeable. It is rainy season from the beginning of every June to mid-September. The strong southeast monsoon causes the abominable climate; because powerful northwest cold current, the temperature can reach -60 degree from mid-November to mid-February of next year. There is good weather in spring (from the beginning of March to the end of May) and autumn (from the beginning of September to the end of October). That’s the best season for mountaineering.

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Mount Emei Tourist Attraction Sat, 21 Aug 2010 22:39:05 +0000 mount-emei-tourist-attraction

Mount Emei lies in the Sichuan Province of China. Mount Emei is world-famous with its beautiful natural scenery. Mount Emei unique geographical condition makes the temperature change vertically prominently. Show different climate types such as the subtropical zone, temperate, inferior frigid zone, frigid zone, etc. from foot of the mountain to mountaintop.


Mount Emei Gold Roof Temple

Gold Roof Temple is an ancient temple. There is a Bodhisattva statue casted in bronze. The temple side is the cliff. This is the place that watch the sunrise, the sea of cloud, Buddha light.


Mount Emei Buddha Light

Buddha Light can be seen in the afternoon. Visitor can see a colored ring on the cloud and mist in front of cliff, and one’s own figure is mirrored in the middle of the ring. This is rare scenery in this world.


Mount Emei Holy Light

The holy light is one of Mount Emei wonderful view. Visitors stand by the precipice, and look towards the bottom of valley at moonless night in autumn after the rain, can see a lot of luminous green points, just like legendary luminous pearl. In fact Mount Emei rich in phosphorus ore, releases phosphorus hydrogen, produces the green light.

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Mount Lushan Tourist Attraction Wed, 18 Aug 2010 23:12:50 +0000 mount-lushan-tourist-attraction

Mount Lushan is located the side of the largest fresh water lake Poyang Lake in China. There are a lot of precipice, waterfall, cloud and mist in Mount Lushan. The vegetation is unusually luxuriant. Mount Lushan scenery has strange, dangerous and beautiful characteristics.


Mount Lushan Loong Head Precipice

Loong Head Precipice is one of the wonderful scenery in Mount Lushan. Look up from the left side, Loong Head Precipice looks like the huge Loong’s chin. There are ancient cave under the Loong Head Precipice, it is the place where the ancient Buddhist practices in legend.


Mount Lushan Three Overlapping Spring

Three Overlapping Spring is known as the first wonder of Mount Lushan. The spring flow out from the elevation 1453 meter peak, rush down second huge rock, and then rush down third huge rock, send out huge noise. The spring in the sky falls scattered with the wind, become multicolor and crystal-clear under the sunshine.


Mount Lushan The Sea of Cloud

The cloud and mist weather is up to more than 200 days in one year at Mount Lushan. The ascension vapor forms the sea of cloud, and the height of the cloud is lower than the mountaintop. The Sea of Cloud of sunrise and sunset are colored. That is very beautiful.

Mount Huangshan Tourist Attraction Sun, 15 Aug 2010 23:12:34 +0000 mount-huangshan

Mount Huangshan lies in beautiful south area of Anhui Province of China. It was listed in “the legacy register of the world” by UNESCO in 1990. Mount Huangshan is the travel scenic spot featuring natural landscape. The strange pine, strange rock, the sea of cloud and hot spring are known as four wonders of Mount Huangshan. The scenery makes visitors acclaim as the acme of perfection.


Mount Huangshan Strange Rock

The peak of Mount Huangshan is precipitous, tall and straight. The strange rocks gather here. The shape of stone is in different pose. Some stones like people or things, other stones like bird or like beast, the image is lifelike.


Mount Huangshan Strange Pine

There are many pines on Mount Huangshan, and the posture is various. The root of the pines are inserted the rock deeply. Some pines grow in the cliff.


Mount Huangshan The sea of Cloud

Mount Huangshan peak is high. There is dense forest with heavy rainfall. The clouds converge into the massive and vast “ocean” after raining, make people have a sense of the fairyland.


Mount Huangshan Hot Spring

Mount Huangshan hot spring lies under Purple Cloud Peak. The hot spring contains many kinds of beneficials microelements to human body. Water quality is pure, temperature is suitable, can drink or bath, temperature is 42 degree all the year round.

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Beijing’s Oldest Cultural Attractions Wed, 26 May 2010 01:25:01 +0000 beijings-oldest-cultural-attractions

Beijing, China’s historic capital city, is filled to the brim with amazing cultural sites, many of which make buildings in Europe seem new. Exploring Beijing, whether on foot or in a unique rickshaw pedicab, you are bound to stumble upon ancient buildings without even trying. Beijing is generally the first stop on any China travel itinerary and there is so much to see and do here that it is virtually impossible to experience everything in just a few days.

Unfortunately, some of Beijing’s historic allure has been disregarded as the city plows its way into the future. However, there are still plenty of historic sites to be discovered on your visit to Beijing.

Almost all Beijing tours start with a walk through the Forbidden City. This immense structure sits at the north end of Tiananmen Square and was once the imperial palace and home to China’s emperors. Designed as a series of courtyards, one inside the other, that get smaller as your progress, the Forbidden City covers some 720,000 square meters and is a fine collection of red wooden structures and pavilions offering a view to traditional imperial life.

Next on any Beijing itinerary should be the Summer Palace, an expansive parkland where China’s imperial families would holiday. Here, a large lake is surrounded by several leafy gardens and serene pavillions. Boating on the lake is a popular pastime for tourists, as well as exploring the numerous hilltop pagodas around the park.

Another popular Beijing cultural attraction is the Temple of Heaven, a set of buildings that served as an ancient Taoist temple. Emperors once visited this impressive structure for prayers and ceremonies. Here, three matching outbuildings surround a stoically circular building known as the Imperial Vault of Heaven which served as a grand entryway to the prayer altar.

These and many other amazing cultural relics around the city make Beijing a wonderful destination for exploring ancient Chinese culture and architecture.

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Mount Wudang Tourist Attraction Fri, 08 Jan 2010 23:14:44 +0000 mount-wudang-tourist-attraction

Mount Wudang is located in Danjiangkou City of Hubei Province of China. It is said Taoism was founded by Zhang San Feng here. The graceful scenery and grandiose Taoism palace form unique Mount Wudang Tourist Attraction.


Xuanyue Gate Memorial Archway
Entering the Mount Wudang, you are able to see the Xuanyue Gate Memorial Archway. It was carved by the stone. It is a precious historical relic.


Taihe Temple
Taihe Temple was built in 1412. The layout of the whole palace is ingenious.


Bronze Hall
Bronze Hall is the largest ancient copper building in China. Although pass 500 years, it is still splendid so far.


South Rock Palace
South Rock Palace is the most beautiful place of Mount Wudang. There are 500 lifelike iron statues in the palace. There are pavilions, stone pillars, the cliff, the pond etc outside the palace.


Wudang Kung fu
Here is not merely the birthplace of Taoism, or the homeland of the Wudang Kung fu. The Founder of Wudang Kung fu, Zhang San Feng is a legendary Taoist priest.

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Mount Taishan Tourist Attraction Fri, 08 Jan 2010 23:11:18 +0000 mount-taishan-tourist-attractions

Mount Taishan is located in the middle of Shandong Province of China. A lot of emperors came to Mount Tai to offer sacrifices to Heaven in ancient times, so this improved the status of Mount Taishan.


Lection Stone Valley
On a stretch of stones ground, carved Diamond Sutra of more than 1000 words. There is a stone pavilion in the west of it.


The Heavenly Southern Gate
Visitors mount South-Sky Gate, gaze into the distance, will have a sense of ascending in the cloud.


Eighteen Bends
It is a very arduous journey to climb Eighteen Bends, because Eighteen Bends is very precipitous. Look from the foot of the mountain, it is just like a ladder leading to the sky.


Mount Taishan Sunrise
“Sun rising in the eastern sky” It is the most pleasant view of Mount Taishan. Cloud and fog mix together at dawn, seem to be like sea, red sun jumps out of the sea. What an amazing scenery it is!

Mount Tianshan Tourist Attraction Fri, 08 Jan 2010 23:07:39 +0000 mount-tianshan

Grand Mount Tianshan is located in Xinjiang of China. The climate here is cold, so Mount Tianshan is covered by the ice and snow throughout the year. Moreover, here is the biggest glacier area in China. The peaks liking sharp sword pierce into the sky.


Tianchi, Mount Tianshan
Snow melt forms Tianchi. Tianchi tourist attractions regards Tianchi as the center, merge forest, grassland, snow mountain, form the peculiar scene.


Glacier Landform
Tianshan glacier is one of eight major glaciers in the world. Sparkle in the sunshine.


Mount Tianshan Basin
There is much basin in Mount Tianshan. Soil is fertility; abundant water and grass are feeding hundreds of thousands livestock.


Mount Tianshan Saussurea Involucrata
Saussurea involucrata is the famous unique plant in Mount Tianshan. Saussurea involucrate meaning is lotus flower in the snow. Saussurea involucrata is considered as the holy plant. It can cure disease and promotes longevity.