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Qi Gong, what does it mean? It is the combination of two characters meaning “breath”(Qi) and “energy “(Gong), all referring to the “energy of breath, the “Kung Fu of breath.” The Qi Gong is one kind of Chinese Kung Fu. It is martial arts. Besides, it is sports medicine too.

Both Qi gong and tai chi are working on energy. Qi gong is much older. Its origin date can be traced back to several thousand years ago. But the Tai Chi was born in the seventeenth century merging techniques of martial arts and Qi Gong. The Tai chi is an internal martial art that uses long sequences of multiple movements. Qi gong is a work of energy less movement, it includes between 500 and 1 000 ways depending on the purpose: we can do a qi gong to feel good, to fight against stress, improve your sight, prevent back pain or training for a martial art…

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Chinese Qin Na Martial Art Sun, 04 Jan 2009 14:36:26 +0000 chinese-qin-na-martial-art

The Qin Na (Chin Na) is a set of combat techniques of Chinese martial art (Wushu) used to capture and control an opponent. The word Qin meaning is captures the opponent. And the Na meaning is control the opponent. With the strike and technique to overmaster the opponent on the ground, it is the unarmed combat technique of Chinese martial art.

The Chinese Qin Na technique can tear opponent’ tendons and dislocate the joint. Qin Na is a set of key arms. It includes controls fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, the waist, knees, feet…

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Chinese Xingyi Quan Sun, 04 Jan 2009 08:18:16 +0000 chinese-xingyi-quan

The Xingyi quan or Hsing I Ch’uan or “fist of the form and spirit” is an internal Chinese boxing created by Taoist philosophy. The Xingyi Quan is characterized by powerful explosive movements associated with linear or zigzag.

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Bagua Zhang Kung Fu Sun, 04 Jan 2009 04:10:36 +0000

The Bagua Zhang is one of three styles of Chinese Nei Jia Quan (martial art called “internal fist”). This is an internal fist related to Wudang Mountain, with the Xingyi quan (Hsing I Ch’uan) and Taiji quan. However, What the Bagua Zhang use in grapple is the palm instead of the fist.

Chinese Sanda Sun, 04 Jan 2009 01:13:06 +0000

Sanda is also known as Sanshou. The Sanda is a freedom fight and can also be described as a Kung fu sport or sports fighting.

A Chinese Kung Fu Superstar — Donnie Yen Thu, 11 Dec 2008 06:18:28 +0000 Many people may not know him; some people may have already been his super fans.

Who is he?

He has shot countless Kung Fu movies; He has own special Kung Fu style;

A lot of Hollywood action movies invite him as fight guide;

Discovery Channel once did a special topic film for him;

Countless Kung Fu fans are crazy for him.

He is an enterprising Kung Fu actor who seeks the novelty change constantly. The tae kwon do, freedom assaults, wrestling and Thai boxing are added into his action movies. He adds new subject matter and taste into Kung Fu films.

He is another remarkable Kung Fu superstar besides Jackie Chan and Jet Li. He is Donnie Yen.

The following is his film video.

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This book was published in 1975. Include the quintessence of kung fu and philosophy theory of Bruce Lee all one’s life. Include his large number of kung fu manuscripts note, detailed explained Jeet Kune Do skill system, principle of attack and defence and the final goal of kung fu philosophy.

Tao of Jeet Kune Do is praised as “The Holy Bible of Martial Art”. It is worth collecting very much!!! Download this cheap PDF e-book now:

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Download Chinese Kung Fu PDF eBook Sun, 23 Nov 2008 01:51:19 +0000

This book was published in 1963. It is Bruce Lee‘s an only personal monograph before death. While publishing this book, Bruce Lee is only 23 years old. The first 1/3 illustrate Chinese kung fu overview and basic training in the book (Bruce Lee draw the movement picture); the last 2/3 illustrate “Jeet Kune Do” movement. The movement photo is demonstrated by Bruce Lee and his apprentice. Download this cheap Kung Fu PDF eBook now:

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]]> 13 Will Donnie Yen become the New “King of Kung Fu”? Tue, 11 Nov 2008 01:08:11 +0000

So long as refer to Chinese kung fu, people often think of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li at first, indeed, in China and even the moviedom of the world, the name of the three man are well-known, but people often neglect a person, that’s Donnie Yen.

I think Donnie Yen is a VIP who can’t be ignored among Chinese kung fu star, in Chinese moviedom and even the moviedom of the world. I even think that Donnie Yen will replace Jackie Chan, Jet Li within short time probably and become the new “King of Kung Fu”. I propose this “the contention”, because of the following three major reasons:

First, Donnie Yen has staying power than Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Donnie Yen is still very young compared with Jackie Chan and Jet Li. He has development potentiality even more. At present, Jackie Chan is old, already been in half retired state. And Jet Li has already been a Buddhist. He is enthusiastic about public welfare undertaking, even show that doesn’t shoot kung fu movie again. So, Donnie Yen will substitute Jackie Chan and Jet Li most probably, become the man in charge of Chinese kung fu movie.

Second, Donnie Yen is strong guarantee of the box office like Jackie Chan and Jet Li. In the past, every great kung fu movie that Jackie Chan and Jet Li acted the leading role, were all the guarantee of the box office of global movie. Nowadays, Donnie Yen will become the assurance of the box office too. It is reported, there are 3 Chinese superstars who can ensure a hundred million yuan box office in international moviedom before 2008. They are Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Stephen Chow. Stephen Chow is comic superstar. Kung fu superstar has only Jackie Chan and Jet Li. And now it seems that Donnie Yen will be ranked among it too. Look, the kung fu movie that the cost is only 80 million — Painted Skin. The box office has already reached 200 million yuan in short time. So a good result, not merely let the whole world see the capability that China shoots the magic kung fu blockbuster, but also let people witness the capability of Donnie Yen. People are joyful seeing that Donnie Yen’s behavior is perfect in the movie.

Third, the film output of Donnie Yen is more than Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Jackie Chan and Jet Li have entered film low tide in recent years. Their film output is reduced gradually. As Chinese kung fu superstar of new generation, Donnie Yen has already born the important task. He will perform 3 kung fu blockbusters continuously in 2008 — An Empress and the Warriors, Painted Skin and Ip Man.

Expect Donnie Yen brings more pleasant surprise to us!

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