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By: Jayson Thu, 17 May 2012 16:40:11 +0000 Western cooking is not easy. From what the OP said it is easier because you can just follow a step by step recipe from a book but like people already said that’s just one guy’s recipe.

Western cooking is imo very very very so not necessarily hard. I mean just to scramble some eggs you need an electronic eggbeater that you have to set on the right setting so that you don’t splash it all over the place. that doesn’t even count the cleanup after! Yikes! Remember people preparing te ingredients is every single bit as important as cooking it in the pan. Have you seen how they prepare fish? They cut off all the good stuff and take forever to make one filet. I cried when I was a kid they threw out everything I liked about the fish! They also overdo a ton of things to prepare their ingredients for cooking. It takes up much more time than needed and wastes alot of the food too. Do you know if they want to eat an artichoke heart they pretty much throw the whole artichoke away and eat only about an egg sized portion?

For Chinese or I really should just say Asian food everything that should be eaten is prepared. The fish is left like it should be head, tail, stomach, all that good meat that gets thrown away in western food! The preparing is so much faster because they eat all the edible stuff and nothing gets wasted.

The cooking part is imo easy for both. In the west its mostly grill or oven. Oven is just a heat setting and timer. (Alot of people say this isn’t so but really it kinda is if you’ve seen enough of how they use it) Grill is just throwing the small filets onto the metal slab and letting it burn. Sometimes letting it burn too long and making black burn lines all over the meat. These lines are cancerous and taste horrible but sometimes this is part of the style. Chinese cooking usually doesn’t need the oven but its also easy because you use a pan and you just have to keep flipping so it doesn’t burn. For eastern cuisine burning food is bad cooking. Frying it so it has a crisp crunchy skin is good. Sometimes in western cooking that is true too and that’s when I happily eat it. lol

Western cooking also has to do with salads. I didn’t know this before so I’m very shocked now but they put their hands (unwashed) right into the raw ingredients AND sauces. Then since the sauces and other vegetables are sticking to their hands THEN they wash their hands. Easy but kinda gross. Asian cooking usually needs chopsticks. Only raw ingredients that will be cooked can be touched by hand (WASHED HANDS) like raw meat and dough for noodles and pancakes etc.

That’s why I think Asian food is easiest to cook and prepare and western food is hard to prepare but not very hard to cook. There are much more variety in food and style and taste with Asian foods than there are for western cooking. Most of western foods use some kind of sauce that is cooked separately and then poured onto bread or pasta or rice that is easily cooked. Meat is cooked without sauces but you have to have marinades and oils to keep it from drying out because it is cooked like that. (all the oils and marinades end up dripping away into the grill so the meat can dry very easily) Salads are prepared without sauces and the sauce is cooked separately too but then tossing it or mixing it is with the sauce. These sauces can be simple like tomato or vinegrette or can be complicated like hollandaise or barbecue kinds of sauces. Asian cooking has more variety because each basic sauce like soy sauce and vinegar is cooked into the food. It also has complicated sauces like pineapple sweet sauce or honey with lemon sauce and so many more harder ones my head can’t remember them all. lol

JBrown, I’m american and I’ve tasted everything from Icelandic to Sicilian and I can tell you why Eastern kids say they like Asian food more. Larger variety in taste, healthier, more (stop throwing away all the good parts!), and well cleaner. (Keep in mind I mean home cooking. restaurants are filthy all around lol) As an American I’ve had grilled salmon and hated how dry and tasteless it was. I remember drowning it in tartar sauce and telling myself I don’t like salmon because of it. Then my friend’s grandmother made Chinese stir-fried salmon and to this day that’s the only salmon I’ll eat. lol Ok maybe sashimi salmon too but definitely not that chunky burned dry tasteless filet. btw i’ve even given high end restaurant salmon (five star quality yeah right!) a try and lost my appetite. It was just too expensive to throw out though so that time I doggy bagged it, took it home and made a vinegar and peppered variety after I cut away all the burnt parts and sadly I couldn’t get back any of the fish’s flavor.

But this is for dinner or lunch. Snacks and pastries are much more elaborate in western cooking so I definitely love eating dessert items that come from western cuisine artists. Ofc one prerequisite is that you don’t watch it being made because I did once and it was gross. I’m just glad pies and pastries are all baked AFTER preparation.

I think many asians will agree to what I’ve been saying but I hope most will have actually tried eating and cooking and watching western food preparation and cuisine like I have. Easy way to shortcut it is to watch shows with Gordon Ramsey. He is known and accepted as one of the best in the world so first you can watch what he makes and how he makes it (really watch HOW) and then try to find a good restaurant that serves that kind of food so you have an idea of the taste. Then when you compare westerners can’t tell you you never tried anything and have a wrong opinion.

Westerners on the other hand really think Asian food is the crap they sell in places like Panda express and Hop Wok or Lucky Wong or something. These places are disgusting! lol DO NOT GO INTO THEIR KITCHENS! You will never want to look at food again! I think there was a comment about how sauces are premade in Asian cuisine. I blame these restaurants for this kind of thinking. its’ funny because the people who know will know NOTHING is premade with Asian cuisine, not traditionally. Even the simple soy sauces used to be homemade. But what really makes me laugh is that premade sauces are very common in western cooking. Hollandaise, tomato, basil, vinegrette, chipotle, “seafood,” (that has nothing seafood about it inside) and tons of other sauces are available in the supermarket and used right from the jars. Some better cooks will actually make something from these sauces but most don’t. You buy Italian dressing from the store and that’s what you put into the salad. It takes a real determined chef to cook up an original sauce but from my experience that actually tastes worse. I tried homemade steak sauces from several of my friends and I’ve tried those really weird sauces in places like Bouley and Le Bernardin and I still love the store bought stuff more. (A1 steak sauce is so good!)

On the other hand no self-respecting Asian cook will be serving something with just soy sauce or salt or vinegar. Dipping sauces are rare. (Hot pots are pretty much it) Wasabi isn’t so much a sauce as it is just a part of the eating of sushi. (also it looks nasty when people mix it into soy sauce) Mostly the sauces in Asian cuisine must be made from scratch and the most important part of it is that it really isn’t a sauce so much as it is the “soup” that gets left over after you’ve made whatever it is you’re making. You cook all those simple sauces with your food so all the flavor goes into the food.

With all that said I just want to put an example out. Fish and Chips is one of the most popular food items in England. This is something easy and social. It also tastes great. There is a deep fried type of fish chip called 熏鱼 that is very popular in parts of China. Both of these dishes are extremely oily and unhealthy but they taste great. Fish and Chips again uses a filet and it is coated in either breadcrumbs or batter. 熏鱼 is a cut up whole fish that’s bathed in sauces. For me I love Fish and Chips but if I eat it I absolutely need to drench the thing in tartar sauce or it tastes dry as a board. The sauce makes it even greasier. 熏鱼 you can eat as is and the juices that come out of it with every bite is so great because the individual sauces that had to be cooked into it mix when you’re cooking with the meat of the fish so that it all kinda becomes one thing. Now comparing the two if I had a choice I’d go for 熏鱼 without skipping a beat. The ingredients have to be fresh because you have to use the whole fish and the sauces are all basic things that have to be cooked on the spot with the fish and no matter if you’re eating one of the bigger middle sections of the fish or you’re eating the head or tail it tastes so good! Fish and Chips uses a filet. You can prepare this filet and fry it any time so you can have the raw filet frozen. Tartar sauce I dont’ htink I need to tell anybody but this is store bought. I have tried people’s attempts at homemade tartar sauces and I can tell you Hellman’s has you beat no doubt about it. The fact that 熏鱼 is fresh and the sauces come with it and are made with it make it taste much better.

I really hope no westerners will come on to yell at me about how I don’t know what I’m talking about because I can honestly tell you I’ve seen western cooking, I’ve been a part of western cooking, I’ve made western foods myself, and I’ve been to some of the most reputable restaurants in the world in terms of western food. (I haven’t really gone to many fancy eastern restaurants) I can honestly say from my personal experience that Eastern food is better. It’s also healthier and there’s a great deal more variety in food types and flavors. I also hope no asians will take offense if they believe it is harder to cook or prepare or that the examples I provided aren’t good, but these are the foods I liked and that’s why I used them.

By: thomas Fri, 27 Jan 2012 06:39:21 +0000 it is true that the Chinese cuisine is all about art and innovation as compared to western cuisine whereby there is stipulated method of doing it. the way to win a man’s heart is through the stomach and the Chinese have conquered in this area. thanks.

By: Adrian Thu, 19 Jan 2012 16:47:22 +0000 Chinese style cooking is my dream..i wan’t to learn more techniques in chinese style cooking..Because i’m a chef already

By: ABC Sun, 04 Dec 2011 04:09:36 +0000 Quick note about the “violent cooking” mentioned in the article. You’d probably never see people slaughtering ducks or fish any “Western”-style kitchens–in the U.S., the major supermarket chains don’t often stock live food, but Asian supermarkets in the U.S. will usually have a selection of live fish & other seafood (and rarely, fowl, too). You can buy the fish, take it home, and slaughter it yourself. 

The author of this article was probably thinking of TV cooking, where each ingredient is neatly chopped and placed in bowls ready to be added in defined parts, as Western. I agree, this type of cooking is atypical of most Western kitchens.

By: Jesse Sat, 26 Nov 2011 06:07:50 +0000 I’m chinese. I’m now in high school (SCC Sinor Canadian Class). I think both Chinese Food and Western-style Food are good, depends on your taste. But I think Chinese food is healthier.

By: markrobsob Tue, 22 Nov 2011 04:22:00 +0000 the OP of article just dont make a sense, he has repeated same sentence over and over again.

He hasnt mentioned a single chinese food

He mentioned wether chinese food should be slow cooked or hot cooked to finish like italian.

By: Buccccck Wed, 10 Aug 2011 15:32:30 +0000 While many Western restaurants focus on atmosphere, most focus on taste, and if you ask anybody but Chinese people in the world, “who conquers in taste” you probably will not be answered with “China.” Also, Marco Polo didn’t bring noodles from China, I’m pretty sure they wore adapted from the middle east between 5th-7th centuries. I love Chinese food, and it is interesting to learn more about the food I am eating in China, but I really don’t think the author has much experience in western restaurants

By: claudia Sun, 08 May 2011 13:00:21 +0000 见仁见智

By: JBrown Sat, 23 Apr 2011 18:42:27 +0000 This is typical Chinese “We are better than the West no matter what” thinking. The next time you try to criticize “the West” and America, make sure you know what you are talking about and learn how to correctly write in English. I help tons of Chinese kids with their papers and this is a common topic. To bad they never took the time to actually try to cook our food or to actually eat it. They say they hate American food, but when I ask them what they have eaten, they can’t give me a straight answer.